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When we first saw the trailer for the new comedy "Pitch Perfect," we couldn't be more excited -- Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick, "American Dreams" hottie Brittany Snow, and the amazingly brilliant Aussie Rebel Wilson, starring in a tongue-in-cheek comedy about college a cappella groups? Oh, and the cast is hysterical.toofab got a chance to sit down with several of the stars from the film, where we discussed karaoke, nudity, malaria (yes, malaria), and we laughed. Brittany: "'[No Diggity]'s always been my karaoke song, so when I heard that that song was in [the movie], I called all my friends at home you guys will never guess what I have to sing! I was so jealous that [Anna K.] got to to do the rap part, there might be some takes of me in the background [mouthing the words]." Anna K.: "I don't really sing karaoke..." Brittany: [flabbergasted] "Oh, this is happening." Anna K: "Maybe like Cake's version of 'I Will Survive.'"Anna Camp: "I have a whole set list.

and then I have another drink and I do 'My Heart Will Go On.'"Anna K.

and Brittany share a funny shower confrontation scene ... Brittany: "We were like, pretty naked." Anna K.: "Can I just say, [I'm a] lucky lady [getting to see Brittany]!

Rebel: "When I finished high school I was a Youth Ambassador for Australia, I didn't think I would be an actor.

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I'm not looking to make a hard core porn movie, but as I mentioned above, in particular to the werewolf movie, a nude model would have come in handy.

5 - a boxed product would not be likely to be carried by supermarkets, Toys'R'Us or many other mass market outlets, which would seriously impact future sales potential It is idiocy writ large, but we are a business and have to work around most of that. But, hey, if there is a good content lawyer out there who wants to PM me on this subject, go ahead Brown easy-care wash on 40 degrees but won't show the dirt for a week anyway passion killing underwear.

Almost ....designed to irritate the modding community into a creative flurry..wouldn't you say... Tea For Two Romantic comedy made using Moviestorm and Renpy Machinima Expo The 1930s pack, including skirting boards, this mod is FREEEEEEEEmy free textures, including some normal maps, suitable for moviestorm, unrestricted use Brown easy-care wash on 40 degrees but won't show the dirt for a week anyway passion killing underwear. I understand where you are coming from and appreciate it too.

"Brittany: "There was so much talk about that scene before we did it and we wanted to be completely covered and taken care of."Anna K.: "We were in this room getting changed into our little things that would keep our bits covered and I was feeling pretty uncomfortable." Brittany: "It was like 'Hey, you're my friend...' but then when we were doing the scene we were in an actual guys' legitimate shower." Anna K.: "It was like hot and humid and muggy and gross.

So by the end of it they were like 'Ok ladies, do you want your robes back 'cuz we just cut? ' By the end of it I basically knew every inch of this woman's body."Who knew we had some disease-infected mosquito to thank for the hilarity that is Rebel Wilson!

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