Updating song titles winamp

isn't this the part that updates the shoutcast server of the song titles to the listeners?i have the fields empty but wouldn't it just read off of my playlist? i'm gonna post here so others will know in case the run across the same problem. First thing i noticed was that i was not able to setup a shoutcast server using winamp2 plugins.How do I get Winamp to forget the old data in the library/folder and to pick up the newest version?

Most of these are straightforward and are taken from the standard file tags, and therefore don't require any additional explanatory notes. $if(%title%, Has A Title, Has No Title) will display“ Has A Title” (note leading space)not “Has A Title”.

bottom line, i want the listeners to know what they are hearing at all times. however i did run across this thread that lets you dl a Winamp2 Plug-In Manager.

What this plugin does is that when you load Winamp3 it looks for plugin loaded on Winamp2 and sort of piggy backs them onto WA3. Now all you have to do is just setup the Source like you would in WA2.

HOWEVER, it does not let you send song titles or updates them when new song comes up.

i've racked my mind silly trying to get them to come up. I even found this quote in the DPS issues forum under the FAQ thread: I had all of those settings (using WA3) and it still wouldn't send song title. I then tried those exact same settings with WA2 and *poof*, they showed up. Bottom line i'd like to use WA3 all the time but if i can't, i dont' mind using 2.81 for my listeners. IMHO, using a Winamp3/Winamp2Plug In Manager source is not viable for a production service.

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