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Some permit doing so only for a professional shadchan whose livelihood depends on making shidduchim, while others do not permit it even in that case.[5] But if the shidduch is made for the purposes of potential kiruv or in order to avoid the tragic alternative of intermarriage, then the shidduch may be proposed and followed through regardless of payment.Even a professional shadchan, however, is advised by the poskim not to get involved in arranging a marriage between non-Jews.[6] Question: During the shidduch process, what type of information may or may not be withheld from the other party?Then, in his early thirties, he was diagnosed with MS.As a totally independent charity with no government funding, your support helps to make all the difference to someone facing the daily challenge of overcoming physical disability or vision impairment in order to live an independent life.Barbara and I had a goal of starting our company a decade earlier, but reading the Pew Report encouraged us to start a Jewish intermarriage service in 2013,” said Gold.Unlike other matchmaking companies, Elegant Introductions will only work with Jewish clients and Gold and Goldfarb happily turn away any revenue that could be gained by expanding their base to non-Jewish clients.

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Please take a few minutes to hear from one of our tenants about what we do and why we need your help to enable us to continue doing it.

Until recently Marc was a fitness instructor with his whole life ahead of him.

Teen dating abuse is an issue that crosses all socioeconomic, cultural, and demographic lines. Teen Safe brings together experienced educators and trained high school students to engage teens and adults in preventing teen dating abuse.

Teen Safe participants create and organize outreach campaigns and community activities and design and present workshops to their peers, parents, and educators.

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