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Sources: Tristin’s paternal grandfather, Elroy Stanley Mays, on the 1920 U. Census – https://Obituary of Tristin’s paternal grandfather, Elroy Stanley Mays – record of Tristin’s paternal great-grandparents, Cyrus Mays/May and Annie Mae Allen – https://Tristin’s paternal great-grandfather, Cyrus Mays/May, on the 1900 U. Census – https://Marriage record of Tristin’s paternal great-great-grandparents, Tony/Toney Mays/May and Laura Banks or Wiggins – https://Genealogy of Tristin’s paternal grandmother, Nellreen “Nellie” Orebo (through Nellreen’s sister) – https://Tristin’s paternal grandmother, Nellreen “Nellie” Orebo, on the 1930 U. Census – https://Obituary of Tristin’s paternal grandmother, Nellreen “Nellie” (Orebo) Mays – paternal great-grandfather, Leonard Orebo/Auribeough, on the 1900 U. Census – https://Paternal grandparents were Elroy Stanley Mays and Nellreen Orebo.Elroy was the son of Cyrus Mays (son of Tony/Toney Mays and Laura Banks or Wiggins) and Annie Mae Allen. n=nellreen-orebo-mays&pid=154868152 Grandfather on a census: MNB9-NC1 Cyrus and Annie’s marriage record: FW9P-58X Cyrus on a census: M36C-WTR Tony and Laura’s marriage record: FW7K-Z9M Nelreen on a census: XMTN-192 Leonard on a census: MSPL-WLS Marie’s death record: KS1R-WXK Log in to Reply @ follers That’s not unusual , even if you were a creole person back then, you could have still been mark down as negro.Rudy lies to Jack and says he will go to juvie if he does not join and helps them get 2 belts, the dojo will close down.Later Rudy let his secret slip and Jack quits until he hears the disappointment of his friends. Kim competes against Jack, but after the Sensei for the Black Dragon cheats, Kim quits and does not fight Jack.Rudy, Milton, Jerry and Eddie form a boyband called "Black Belt Boyz".15 August 2011After taking an improv acting class, Rudy auditions for a role in a commercial.11 July 2011Jerry signs the gang up for a dance competition, except they can't dance.

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So Jerry, Eddie and Milton convince Rudy to get Jack to join after he crashes through the wall.Creado y producido por el ejecutivo Jim O'Doherty,tiene como elenco Jason Earles, y sus cinco estudiantes inadaptados, interpretado por Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder, Mateo Arias, Olivia Holt y Alex Christian Jones. Rael, Derrick Harper, Michael Culhane, Mark Rich, Guy Owens, Rich Rohrer, Jerry serie se estreno en Hispanoamérica el 10 de octubre de 2011 y si estreno en España el 14 de octubre de 2011. Leer más Jim O'Doherty, Jason Earles, Chris Phillips, Joey Scott, Mary Fukuto, Dan O'Keefe, Marc Warren (III), J. Sonnenberg, Joe Pew, Greg Hartstein, Andre Caporaso, Jack Donato, Morten Folmer Nielsen, T. Spriggs, Ed Fassl, Rob Adams, Ed Valfre, Azhar Aluqdah, Gus Luna, Lyndsey Schenk, Jesse Dodd, Benjamin Martin, Jesse Noel, Ric San Nicholas, James Ochoa, Stephen W. Date of Birth: June 10, 1990 Ethnicity: Creole (African, French, Native American) Tristin Mays is an American actress and singer. Tristin’s paternal grandfather was Elroy Stanley Mays (the son of Cyrus Mays/May and Annie Mae Allen).Tristin’s paternal grandmother was Nellreen “Nellie” Orebo (the daughter of Leonard Orebo/Auribeough and Eva Denise Jordan). Leonard was the son of Cleophas Orebo/Auribeough and Marie/Mary Collins.

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