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An Oscar-nominated Hollywood heartthrob and his best friend round up a bunch of instruments-- some of which they don't know how to play-- and a massive children's choir and make a concept album about the supernatural. You might have seen their My Space page, or a video for their song "In the Room Where You Sleep" floating around the web recently. While listening to tracks from the Dead Man's Bones album at the office, I've been asked by co-workers if I'm listening to Bryan Ferry or something by the Arcade Fire. Earlier this week, Gosling and Shields gave Pitchfork their first-ever interview about Dead Man's Bones. I made a couple movies because I had to, but this is all we do." Gosling and Shields met in 2005; Gosling was dating actress Rachel Mc Adams (his co-star in ) and Shields was dating her sister Kayleen.

Award-winning material it is not, but the series is highly publicized due to the 1990s craze for low-budget superhero fare ().

The series, filmed in Florida, is short-lived but becomes famous in hindsight for churning out some of the biggest entertainers of a generation: Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Keri Russell.

In a segment for CBC News, a pre-teen Gosling gushes about the talent of the other child performers on the show and attributes his inclusion to "luck" — the beginnings of a modest public persona he would exhibit for years to come.

In an exclusive interview, she told Mail Online why she risked her freedom to fight Isis in Syria, her gruelling regime as a crack-shot sniper, and the devastating toll of war on her life.

She said: 'I was willing to give up my life and my freedom to stop Isis advancing, Sniper: Joanna Palani, 23, dropped out of college to fight Isis and trained as a crack-shot sniper with the Syrian People's Protection Units, the YPG, spending nine days at a time on the frontline and wielding a Russian-made Dragunov sniper gun Frontline: Joanna, 23, told Mail Online how she secretly returned to Syria last summer in defiance of a ban on international travel because she was desperate to return to the team she had trained to fight.

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