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He added: "Having had a busy day working in London, his concentration slipped.

An error of judgment occurred."Mr Tierney also described the presenter's involvement in "high-profile" charity events and smaller fund raising events such as golf tournaments.

The other is that you were a needy person and had to be the focus of attention the whole time.

I was neither of those things."It's a surprising declaration, given the perennially cheery public demeanour of the stand-up comedian from Northern Ireland who has become the golden boy of BBC television.

But now the TV presenter has revealed the pair faced some tough times when they tried to decide on a name for their newborn. Eventually though, it was the CD: UK star's mum who came to the couple's rescue, telling them they had to have a baby name by the next day. The duo then researched further into the title, and finally came to an agreement that it was what their son would be called.

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Sheriff Thomas Millar said he had taken into account the impact of a ban on the presenter's charity work and imposed a fine.

"Great to see Cat Deeley keeping it real on Jimmy Kimmel! Well it's certainly a story to tell little Milo when he grows up!

Cat (40), a former model-turned-presenter, married comedian Patrick, from Dundrum, Co Down in 2012 in a private ceremony in Rome after an 11-month romance.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the mother to Patrick's one-year-old son Milo said she was blown away by his Northern Irish charm and confidence.

Although not her usual type, Cat, from Sutton Coldfield in England, took a chance on Patrick and it's a decision that she said she hasn't regretted.

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