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Takao was startled at how bright those eyes shone, even under his thick black rimmed glasses, while the rest of his young face was a mask of gray. Takao, being an all-around nice guy, decided to befriend his new young neighbor. He was afraid his wife would suspect something and hire an investigator. So the boy stood there, looking crushed, his hands in his pocket that Takao felt his heart go out to him a little. He shouldn't take the brunt of Takao's frustrations."Okay, look, Shin-chan, I'm really tired tonight. As Takao was enveloped in his lover's arms, he cringed, hoping the boy would just let it pass. You've gone completely bonkers in the head."Midorima threw his magazine aside. You never seemed to enjoy hanging out with me so why should I hang out with you? "Midorima growled, impatiently as if he was talking to a child himself. Takeru had come over to visit that night when they weren't able to book a room in a motel. Since he would get an apartment there, he and Takao could now freely see each other during the weekend.

The child didn't even acknowledge Takao, simply carried his head up high, and walked off. Takao, annoyed, scratched his head, not knowing how to make the child leave since this would be the last night he would be able to get a decent night's sleep. I mean, not that I object to you being here, huh, but – ""Go ahead. I'll just lock up when I leave.""How about your school? At least Shin-chan did not call him by his first name. They fit to a T – their personalities, their sense of humor, their likes and dislikes – everything. I'll probably be taller than you next month.""Okay, if it's not candies, then what would you like? Xoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo The next day Takao was hell bent on ignoring Takeru, knowing this kind of relationship was never healthy. If it's about the snack – ""It's not just the snack! Takao and Midorima barely saw each other at this time, with both of them being extremely busy with their schedules. Then the other guy came out, an equally attractive fellow who made no issue of buttoning his polo up.

He was ready to drop down dead from pulling out all nighters just so his Accounting team could check all their data before the yearly Accounting audit. Being an overworked accountant for three years now was making Takao set his teeth on edge. It had been empty for the last month since the young lady who used to occupy it got married and left. His last neighbor was a hard party animal, always bringing home a lot of her friends. When her boyfriend slept over, Takao could actually hear their noises when they banged each other. He hoped his new neighbors weren't war freaks who had domestic issues with each other. Takao only hoped one day Takeru would come out of his closet and really move in with him. Meeting up in secret and cutting off their alone time just so Takeru could go on pretending to be someone he was not was enough to set Takao on edge. I would also appreciate it if you don't tell your Mom about that, okay? There was a batch of newly hired accountants who needed to be trained. Then he heard a soft groan in the bedroom, whose door was slightly ajar. Takao stood rooted at the door, all the blood drained from his face.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Trudging along the narrow street leading to his apartment, Takao Kazunari rubbed the stiff aching muscles of his shoulder. As he neared his one bedroom apartment, he found that the one next door, had a light. Tomorrow would be the start of hell for him and it would probably last for a week or so. Takao was unlocking his door and he looked back over his shoulder. "Without any preamble the child asked, "Are you gonna be my new dad now? And it wasn't like Takeru's wife could make him really happy as she did not have the right equipment to do so. It was bad enough that they had to be discreet about their feelings. Shin-chan, look, we've been friends for almost, what three years now? After sometime there was an announcement in the office that Takeru would move to the main branch for a period of six months or so. If the party had been held last night why hadn't Takeru cleaned up the mess? There was a gasp, then a roar, then shuffling noises. Suddenly the bedroom door was wrenched open and out came his lover, slightly limping, clad only in his boxers. He scowled at Takeru."How the fuck am I supposed to know – " he started.

Also, Chihiro is renamed ‘Sen’ when she starts working there.

Mitzi: Should I call his Mom and tell her to search his room for drugs or L. [Shin has placed his fathers watch in the toaster.] Shin: You guys have been having so much trouble finding stuff since we moved I thought if I got your watch hot enough before you put it on you'd never have to worry about loosing it again 'cuz it'd melt into your skin and become part of you.

And not just Georgie strange like talk about politics stuff no five year old should know.

Yubaba renames all her workers – a pretty common practice in the sex trade.

■ The Prince of Tennis shouldn’t call itself tennis This popular manga and anime series had a long run in Weekly Shonen Jump and has also built up a legendary reputation online for its ridiculously increasingly implausible tennis moves.

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