Jpa entitymanager merge not updating Masturbation chats

Even worse, row-level locks are used to coordinate multiple concurrent requests, and, just like Amdhal’s Law tells us, introducing a serializability execution can affect scalability.statement first to fetch the latest state of the underlying database record, and afterward, it copies the detached entity state onto the newly fetched managed entity.This way, the dirty checking mechanism can detect any state change and propagate it to the database.I'm running the following code to update the database according to the data I read from CSV file.It depends on how you run Wild Fly, usually is the file of interest What does the get A look like?/** * Product Group generated by Tomasz Borowiec */ @Suppress Warnings("serial") @Entity @Table(name = "T_CLASS_GROUP", unique Constraints = @Unique Constraint(column Names = "KEY")) @Sequence Generator(name = "seq CLASS_GROUP", sequence Name = "SEQ_CLASS_GROUP") public class Class Group implements Here is a method that gets called a certain number of times every hour (specified by an EJB timer).

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We are using Eclipse Link 2.5.2 and Wild Fly 9.0.0.The Map key is formed of the entity type (its class) and the entity identifier.The TABLE strategy behaves like SEQUENCE, but you should avoid it at any cost because it uses a separate transaction to generate the entity identifier, therefore putting pressure on the underlying connection pool and the database transaction log.Using Spring declarative transaction management might be a good option, with Spring managing on its own.Also do check for the Transaction boundaries, from where it is getting started and how are you propagating to Service/DAO layers.

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