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At the time, I assumed it was simply some new term that the right/libertarians/4chan users/redpillers had come up with as a way to mock people who supported broadly progressive causes, much like "SJW" or "snowflake" (both of which I was also called (quite a lot)).

It’s kind of taking the simplest, most stereotyped version of the fetish and applying that definition of it to the political scenario.” One such fetish that emboldens cucks is “hot-wifing,” in which the husband organizes the whole affair for his wife’s enjoyment. He also elucidates the different types of cuckold porn, his favorite porn stars to work with, and why he could never film a cuckold scene with his wife (spoiler: it would be “too personal”). These rumors started after the pair were spotted at a Cincinnati restaurant together, and only increased after Drake was constantly spotted court-side during Serena Williams’ run to the US Open semi-final in September.Serena Williams was on course to become the first woman to win the Grand Slam if she’d been victorious at Flushing Meadows, having claimed the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon crowns earlier that year.Marrying a younger wife can be a a dream come true - she's so hormonal that you can just pull her panties down ANYTIME and find yourself a wet pussy; she's not very experienced but is always eager to learn; her tight body is so much better than Viagra.😈 Carlie is a chubby wife who does her best to keep hubby satisfied - and she doesn't mind when he submits her nudes and sex pics to Wife Bucket...

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