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The former Christ the King teacher is facing a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in jail, said her lawyer Patrick Ducharme, after Albini’s court appearance Monday.

Ducharme declined to say if he will make a bid for Albini to serve her sentence on house arrest.

But she is doing well under the circumstances.” He added: I can say she has been co-operative with the police. As per my direction, she will not be communicating with the media for the duration of this matter.His final start for 1982 came in November when he won the Provincial Cup at Windsor Raceway in 1.55.4 which tied the track record for his age. The track reported its highest attendance since Niatross started there in 1980 and strong wagering which had become typical for a race night featuring Cam Fella.For his exploits Cam Fella was named Harness Horse of the Year in both Canada and the United States for a season where he started 33 times for 28 wins and 2 second places and earnings of 9,723.Court heard Albini would pick up the boy in her purple Dodge Challenger and take him back to her South Windsor home for sex.She bought him a cellphone they used to exchange explicit messages and arrange rendezvous, and told him to hide it from his parents.

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