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Zellweger returned to the screen in the highly-successful third Bridget Jones movie, Bridget Jones's Baby (2016). as a local hire" in the Austin-filmed horror-comedy film My Boyfriend's Back, playing "the girl in the beauty shop, maybe two lines.

Renee Olstead is an American singer and actress who first gained recognition in the glamour world as an accomplished award winning child actress.

In Falling Darkness, I feel like a much-needed correction, a reset, happened in the Lewis-Hobson relationship, and I loved the layers it gave these beloved characters.

With a reticent, emotionally withdrawn character like Lewis, to go from the barest glimmer of interest in a woman to planning weekend trips seemed like too great a leap given how we’ve seen his character act in the past.She later reprised her title role in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004), starred in Cinderella Man (2005), and played author Beatrix Potter in the biopic Miss Potter (2006).Several movie parts in low-key and limited release features such as Appaloosa (2008), My One and Only (2009), Case 39 (2009) and My Own Love Song (2010) were followed by a six-year hiatus from acting work.A woman is found dead, a stake through her heart, a bulb of garlic in her mouth.It's a surreal crime, and an intensely personal one for Dr. The victim is Ligeia Willard, one of Hobson's old college housemates.

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    Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.

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    We video chat with our kids, trying to stay involved as much as possible. My company has asked me to stay one more year because I haven’t completely finished what I was sent here to do. My youngest child, however, is so angry at me for even considering it that she won’t talk to me.