Teen sexy dating in park video

The man had twice driven past the victim before leaving his car and attacking her, Peacock said.A nearby witness called 911 and described the car, police said.), plus a free copy of South Park: The Stick of Truth.Pre-order from one of a select retailers and you’ll be able to play The Stick of Truth immediately, keeping you busy until the new game drops in October.The assailant told the victim he had a gun, but she managed to get away, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Lt.

He said the teen would not have faced charges if he was 13, adding: "Because he was 14 by two months, they want to ruin his life.

The witness snapped a photo of the car and its license plate, enabling police to obtain an arrest warrant for Bailey that same day, Peacock said.

Police were actively looking for Bailey when the second assault occurred at a.m.

Police credit witnesses for helping them identify and arrest a man suspected of a sexual assault in Myers Park on Wednesday and another one in Dilworth on Friday morning.

In the first incident, police accuse Larry Jarome Bailey, 21, of grabbing and fondling a young woman who was out walking around a.m.

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