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I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard other women say that they would never go see a movie by themselves because they’re worried that people will think they’re a Nigel No Friends.The thing is – everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves and whether they’ve just dropped their choc top all over their white t-shirt to care about you and your friendship status.Dating provides the platform to get to know someone, giving you the opportunity to assess if your personalities, goals, and values are compatible.Dating allows you to learn about a potential partner’s likes, dislikes, background, passions, beliefs, and the like.Have a listen heeeeere and follow them here and here.

Imagine knowing yourself on a deeper, more gratifying, less judgmental level.Imagine being able to describe yourself to others while being empowered by your strengths and experiences and not cringing at the thought of your weaknesses and struggles.Imagine taking care of yourself, owning your needs and treating yourself with the love and nurturance you would give to a baby or child.It might also include writing a gratitude note to yourself, journaling, treating yourself to a massage or cooking yourself a delicious dinner with the recipe you have been wanting to try.Here’s another band discovery of the day, just for kicks.

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