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When someones actions create a response of emotional hurt, the pain we feel is the inability to process the difference between what we assume is acceptable and what occurred.There is a painful mismatch between our expectations and the reality of what happened.It bothers my family more than me about his "faith.But for a long time I never completely understood why my parents kept me from dating in high school. Dombeck- I just recently married 5 months ago and since this time, my husband has had what I think is an "OCPD break." While he had traits prior to our marriage, since I moved in and "invaded" his space, we have started to have problems.It seems that he cannot tolerate any of my "flaws" which were all present prior to our marriage and he keeps growing more and more distant.

To stop OCD, one must get past the illusion that distracting disruptive thoughts with certain activities or rituals will provide relief. Staying busy may keep the person preoccupied, but only perpetuates the cycle.

While I cannot speak to the validity of your diagnosis, it seems safe to say that your husband is having a difficult time adjusting to being married, and in large part the reason for this difficulty seems to be related to his relative rigidity in adapting to the changed circumstances.

Marriage requires an identity adjustment from ‘me’ to ‘we’, and it seems like he is having great difficulty entering ‘we’ territory.

My dad doesn’t believe in God and my mom does but more abstractly than holy books explain.

I personally am not religious but I do believe in God and believe I have a personal relationship with God and don’t necessarily believe following an organized religion is for me.

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