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It only applies to names and the adjective-for-an-answer joke isn't funny. Moreover, even if you could prove the historical and cultural attribution to Eastern Europe (which you didn't), what sense does it make anyway provided we are talking in geographical terms (why say Eastern Europe if it's not in the East and Northern if it's not in the North! You are missing one point that meanings of words in different languages don't overlap fully, thus "what" not always is „koks“, e.g.: "what is he reading?

It's just another variant of saying it (I'm not sure where it comes from either). I can see no evidence of it historically being recognized as Eastern Europe and culturally Lithuania has a culture of its own.

Providing an online social networking and dating site rolled into one, under one domain worldwide, free to join anywhere in the world, bringing members together via video chat, live chat, instant message and much much more with over 40 different features and all this with No Ads and No Popups, just a simple, clean site where member details are not shared with any third parties or affiliates and completely in our members hands.

Yes - Taip No - Ne Please - Prašau Thank you - Ačiū. - it simply does not make sense that way) and in geographical terms (here, have a look at a map CCQQ9QEw AA ) - Lithuania is on the same plain with Denmark and since Denmark is attributed to Northern Europe, it would be logical if Lithuania was so too.„Kaip gyveni?

Mikas ir Karen: «Beveik praradus viltį rasti tą vienintelę aš pagaliau radau jos pažinčių profilį ir supratau — tai moteris su kuria noriu praleisti savo visą gyvenimą!

Dabar mes laimingai susituoke ir ką tik nusipirkome savo pirmuosius namus!

Interneto saugumo kompanija Symantec atliko tyrimą, kurio metu paaiškėjo, kad dalis pažinčių programėlės Tinder narių anketų yra netikros, o jų tikslas yra uždirbti pinigus iš kitų svetainių reklamos.

Šiose anketose veikiantys robotai stengiasi nukreipti lankytojus į mobilių žaidimų ar suaugusiems skirtas svetaines. Ar jums teko susidurti su netikromis anketomis pažinčių svetainėse?

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