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Please use link it here or PM it to me and I'll try to fix it for you. But since the update, my pet melee set is taking priority over my Favor set, and I've checked 2 different luas. Post your Lua and we'll edit it as a simple reorder of code will likely correct it. windower.raw_register_event('incoming chunk', function (id) if id == 0x62 then if then create_pact_timer(wards.spell) = false wards.spell = '' end end end) -- Function to create custom timers using the Timers addon.

Out of curiosity, how would one make it so you automatically equip Councilor's Garb using Mote's files? I'm reposting this in a better format and hopefully I can be more explicit in what I'm looking for to fix this code. require 'organizer-lib' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Setup functions for this job. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Also, you'll need the Shortcuts addon to handle the auto-targetting of the custom pact commands. Calculates ward duration -- based on player skill and base pact duration (defined in job_setup).

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